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World AIDS Day 2021

Current Statistics

NACP has registered 49,584 HIV cases, and among them 29,626 are on ART in 51 ART centers till December 2021.


0.24 Million
Estimated people with HIV
49,584 Registered
People Living with HIV who know there status
in 51 ART centers till December 2021

29,626 Treatment
People currently receiving ARV Therapy
People who inject drugs & are on ARV Therapy
Mian Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif/ Prime Minister, Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Abdul Qadir Patel/Federal Minister

Dr. Fakhr e Alam Irfan/ Secretary

Dr. Shabana Saleem/ Director General (Health)

Dr. Ejaz Qadeer/ National Coordinator (AIDS, TB, Malaria)

Dr. Arsalan Hyder/ Deputy National Coordinator - HIV/AIDS

Our Vision

We envision a Pakistan where every person living with HIV has access to quality care and is treated with dignity. Effective prevention, care and support for HIV/AIDS is possible in an environment where human rights are respected and where those infected or affected by HIV/AIDS live a life without stigma and discrimination.

Success Stories

Prevention Programms in Sexual Networks

CBOs Model is introduced to provide prevention services in sexula networks.

5th National Surveillance Round [IBBS - 2017]

NACP has successfully completed the 5th Round of IBBS[2017] in the country.

Stories of Change

ARVs adherence is necessary for PLHIV to spend normal and healthy life
Better livelihood needs financial assistance and economic empowerment
Coordination brings happiness among two parties

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