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0.133 Million
Estimated people with HIV
22,333 Registered
People currently registered with NACP
12,046 Treatment
People currently receiving ARV Therapy
People who inject drugs & are on ARV Therapy
3,124 PLHIV Services
2.1 Number of PLHIV receiving comprehensive CHBC Services
7,329 Family Services
2.2 Number of family members of PLHIV receiving comprehensive CHBC Services
2,933 VCCT Services
2.4 Number of clients who received VCCT Services

Message of National Programme Manager, NACP

As the day of December 1st nears, which is when we commemorate the World Aids Day, I would take this opportunity to speak as a medical practitioner and as a concerned citizen to all those who are in my reach about it. Our program and our efforts would be futile if each one of us does not feel his/her individual responsibility to care. Even if you are not a patient or perhaps related to someone who has AIDS, you should still assume the responsibility of an ambassador of its prevention by reading about it, learning about it, and spreading knowledge about it. You should know that it’s important and incumbent upon you to encourage anyone who is a silent patient and going through this alone. Be there for others and let them know their life is more than the stigma. The stigma is a lie whereas their life is precious.
If some way you have Exposed to;
Any sort of blood Transfusion,
Any use of unsterilized needle/equipment,
Any Risky un protected Sexual behavior,
So please Go for HIV test, which is available free of cost in Government Big Hospitals. HIV treatment is Free available at all Big Hospitals.
Join hands with us for an AIDS free Pakistan. Pakistan Zindabad!

Success Stories

Approval of HIV GFATM-NFR grant for NACP [2018-2020]

Award of US $17.4 million by Global Fund.

5th National Surveillance Round [IBBS - 2016]

NACP has successfully completed the 5th Round of IBBS[2016] in the country.

Approval of National and Provincial PC-1s

The National and Provincial PC-1s for HIV amounting up to Rs. 5 Billion has been approved.


NACP continues to maintain a good GFATM rating

NACP presence on Social Media

NACP has launched its facebook page(Click Here).

Stories of Change

ARVs adherence is necessary for PLHIV to spend normal and healthy life
Better livelihood needs financial assistance and economic empowerment
Coordination brings happiness among two parties

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Current Statistics

NACP has registered 22,333 HIV cases, and among them 12,046 are on ART in 27 ART centers till 31st December, 2017.



On Pre-ART



Fruitfull steps have been carried out to stop the spread of disease by the Programme.

-Mamnoon Hussain/ President of Pakistan

The Government of Pakistan thanks all the people involved in the fight against this disease on professional as well as voluntary basis. I encourage all Pakistanis to play their proactive role in preventing this disease.

Prime Minister of Pakistan

I am proud to be part of this campaign.

-Saira Afzal/ Minister of State for NHSR&C

The Ministry of National Health Service Regulation & Coordination and the National AIDS Control Program (NACP) through a comprehensive process with a wide range of stakeholders and development partners have developed an HIV&AIDS National Strategic Framework as Pakistan’s broad vision and strategic objectives to address and mitigate the impact of HIV&AIDS.

-Mr. Naveed Kamran Baloch/Secretary, Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination

I am very delighted to see the progress of National AIDS Control Programme which has in a very short span started to bear fruit. The National AIDS Control Programme has today developed into a very impressive public health programme and is being successfully implemented not only at the federal level but also in all the provinces.

-Dr. Assad Hafeez/Director General, Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination

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