Stories of Change

Coordination brings happiness among two parties

Mr. Gulfam Khan is a PLHIV and his wife was registered at CHBC Peshawar but himself was not registered as he was considering himself healthy and fine. The PLHIV don’t have any child. During our home visit to his wife who is already registered, we found that he was also an infected client. During conversation, he mentioned that he is also a PLHIV and is not taking medicines for two years because he feels healthy and fine. In his reports, we found that he is also infected by TB and HCV. We provided him recommendations for CD4 test on the spot and brief counseling about the disease.

was looking healthy but he was careless and avoiding medicines and regular checkups. We invited him to CHBC center for registration purposes. Next week, he visited us and we registered him and facilitated him through provision of food, medical regular follow up and ART travel.

He was very happy for the services and promised to keep in touch with us. Later on, peer group session was held in his area for which he was also invited, he joined and was happy with the knowledge about the disease which he got during the session.

ARVs adherence is necessary for PLHIV to spend normal and healthy life
Better livelihood needs financial assistance and economic empowerment
Better livelihood needs financial assistance and economic empowerment
Medicines without adherence brings no changes in human body