Community Based Prevention Services

What is Community Based HIV Prevention?

Community based Programming of HIV prevention & Testing is an approach to provide comprehensive HIV testing and awareness services through community Based Organizations which are run and led by members of Key populations like MSM, TG or FSW.

In order to achieve maximum number of coverage of HIV Testing & Prevention, HIV Testing and counseling is started to be delivered in community settings, and by community members.

What is a CBO Model?

To mobilize and get the key population engaged in service delivery it is important to demonstrate principles of Community System Strengthening (CSS) which demands development of Community Based Organizations (CBOs) CBO Model is a Community led intervention which is formed to serve their own community through self-identifying community workers which belongs to the specific group they will be serving for example MSMs, TGs/Hijra`s or FSWs. The basis of CBO model is respect for the sub-culture of marginalized communities and demonstration of commitment to the basic principles of community engagement.

Main Objectives:

  • To scale up HIV Testing and Prevention services through community based interventions by improving the provision of comprehensive HIV prevention, care and support services to them.
  • Program Implementation according to Revised Pakistan HIV/AIDS Strategy
  • To reduce the overall impact of HIV among MSM,TGs and FSWs
  • Care and support of Clients
  • Developing and fostering the key affected populations’ ownership for the HIV response.


  • Behavior Change Communication (BCC) through outreach , including awareness regarding HIV Treatment and prevention
  • Distribution of Information and education material regarding HIV prevention and treatment, STI symptoms and use of Condoms and lubricants
  • Voluntary & Confidential HIV Counseling and testing (VCT) service through trained Staff
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of various Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI)
  • Distribution of condoms and lubricants among community members
  • Psycho social counseling for clients
  • Career and family counseling of clients
  • Referral support and linkage of PLHIVs into ART Centers with strong follow-up

Prevention Guidelines & Tools

CBO Sites in Pakistan:

Name of CBOCity/AreaTargeted Communities
Dareecha Male Health SocietyRawalpindi/Commercial MarketTGs/Hijra Community
Pireh Male Health SocietyLarkana/Ghalib NagarTGs/Hijra Community
Sathi FoundationFaisalabad/Barkat PuraTGs/Hijra Community
Khawaja Sira SocietyLahore/Kot lakhpatTGs/Hijra Community
Gender Interactive Alliance (GIA)Karachi/Defence ViewTGs/Hijra Community
Wasib SanwaroMultan/Zakariya TownMSM/MSW Community
Dostana Male Health SocietyLahore/ChoubarjiMSM/MSW Community
Parwaaz Male Health SocietyKarachi/PECHS SocietyMSM/MSW Community
Zaali Welfare SocietySargodha/Peer Muhammad ColonyMSM/MSW Community
Humraz Male Health SocietyKarachi/MalirMSM/MSW Community
Active Alliance FoundationMultan/Zakryia TownMSM/MSW Community
SHEED SocietyLahore/Nogaza ChowkFemale Sex Workers
Ghazi Social Welfare AssociationLarkana/Old Tank ChowkFemale Sex Workers
Woman Health Welfare OrganizationKarachi/Malir HaltFemale Sex Workers
MDG Achieving OrganizationKarachi/Iqra CityFemale Sex Workers
Baham FoundationLahore/Shahdara TownFemale Sex Workers
Organizing Action Towards HumanityBahawalpurFemale Sex Workers